All About Bowl Cut Hair You Want to Know

Because more people are willing to try something bold and different, bowl cut hair is not as bland as it was in the nineties. Curly, long, short hair or any color you like can be perfectly blended with your bowl cut haircuts for a stunning look.

What Is A Bowl Cut?

The name of the bowl cut has a lot to do with its shape like an upside-down bowl, and many novices will create a trendy look by placing a bowl on their head and cutting around it. This is also an important reason why it is different from other blunt cuts or pixie short hair.


The first significant cultural significance associated with bowl-cut hair dates back to medieval Europe, and the style was most often associated with soldiers, monks, and other religious figures to distinguish the secular vanity associated with long hair. In the early days, bowl cut hairstyles were popular among bands and loved by rock singers and audiences alike. Later, college-style bowl cuts became popular, and many young people began to try this fresh and fashionable style.

What Does A Bowl Cut Look Like?

The bowl cut haircut, also known as the mushroom cut, looks like a mushroom shape, but most people do it with a bowl turned upside down on their head as a guide. It features bangs all the way through the front. The back and sides are either the same length as the bangs or longer towards the back.

How To Style A Bowl Cut?

First of all, although the bowl cut looks very easy to obtain, we don't recommend DIY it yourself because you can't see every part of the head. A suitable and fashionable hairstyle can help a lot to improve a person's self-confidence, but if your skills and experience are not enough for you to get a satisfactory hairstyle, leave it to the hairstylist.

If you choose to do your own bowl cut at home then here are a few steps you need to follow:

1. Prepare all the tools you might use: comb, cloak, spray bottle, a few hair clips, hair clippers, or a short bob wig with bangs.

2. When everything is ready, it is recommended that you can wash your hair first, if you want to skip this step, you can use a spray bottle to wet your hair and comb through it.

3. Part your hair from the middle and then into two parts at the end, which are finally divided into four parts.

4. You're about to start the most critical cutting part. If you want a short bowl cut, keeping the length of the hair above the forehead just above the eyebrows is the best option. Be sure to pay extra attention to the hair around the ears, making sure the hair is the same length on both sides as possible. For the hair at the back of the head, follow the same cutting technique, and once it reaches the side of the head, keep the angle and cut gradually down.

5. Use a sponge ball or towel to wipe off the excess broken hair, then wash and blow dry to complete the style.

Do You Like Will Byers Bowl Cut Hairstyle?


If you are a fan of "Stranger Things", then you are no stranger to bowl cut wig hairstyles. Noah Schnapp's first season shot as a teenager, saw stylists give his character Will Byers a memorable throwback look for a long bowl cut. And the reason why this hairstyle has been preserved for four seasons is also that "Stranger Things" took place in the 80s, which is a unique symbol that can represent the "era".

Why Is Bowl Cut Hairstyle Popular?

This is a very low-maintenance hairstyle that can be styled very quickly. Simply wash your hair and head out for a messy and edgy finish with an air-dry texture.

It is suitable for anyone, not only women, many male celebrities opt for the bowl cut look to an event. This is also one of the short haircuts that many kids love.

The bowl cut is a short hairstyle that showcases your hair’s layers well, and it’s also great for adding more dimension and texture to your hair.

The revamped curly bowl cut not only adds a bit of modern flair to you, but it also brings a nice visual three-dimensional effect.

Several Bowl Cut Hairstyles for 2022

Pixie with Bowl Cut


Shaggy Bowl Haircut


Bob with Bowl Haircut


Sharp Edges


Cropped Bangs


Bold Bowl Cut


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