2x6 VS 6x6 Lace Closure, Do You Know More?

Lace wigs are loved by women because of their breathability and strong functionality. We also have more and more choices, whether it is color, length, or lace area. How much do you know about the 2x6 and 6x6 lace closure wigs that have been highly discussed recently?

What’s A 2x6 Closure?

It's called a 2x6 closure wig because its lace is two inches wide and 6 inches long, like a double seal around the edges, which is the key to keeping your hairline real and natural.

what's a 2x6 lace closure

How Big Is A 6x6 Closure?

A 6x6 lace closure is usually placed on the front and top of a woman's wig head, measuring 6 inches wide in front of the hairline edge and 6 inches wide at the back edge of the head. The 6x6 lace closure is square and covers the middle of the head well. So the answer to the question of how big is a 6x6 lace closure is clear and you can see it from the picture below.

what's a 6x6 lace closure

2x6 VS 6x6, What Are The Differences?

Although 2x6 and 6x6 lace closures were often used to solve the problem of hair loss, baldness, or receding hairline in the past, with the popularity of wig fashion and the advancement of female aesthetics, these closure wigs are also more often used to improve hairstyles. It is one of the important decorations when attending events.

Many people don’t know the difference between 2x6 and 6x6 closure wigs, in fact, the fundamental issue lies in the size of the human hair lace closure, so read on as we list their similarities and differences.

2x6 Lace Closure Wig

2x6 lace closure wig

6x6 Lace Closure Wig

6x6 Lace Closure Wig

About Lace: The biggest difference between them is the area of the front lace.

About Functionality: Due to the different lace areas, the hairstyles that can be achieved with the two wigs are also different. The 6x6 closure wig has a larger area of lace at the hairline, so it provides the possibility to achieve center parting, side parting, or ponytail hairstyles. while the 2x6 closure wig is only 2 inches wide so it can only achieve a center parting style.

About Protection: Whether it is transparent lace or HD lace, it will be better than the wig cap in terms of breathability, and enough lace area will give your scalp and natural hair more breathing space. In this regard, the 6x6 closure wig has higher protection.

Why Should You Choose Closure Wigs?

Before making any purchases, you must first clarify your needs so that you can get the most suitable items.

First of all, closure wigs are cheaper than lace front wigs, which can help you save your budget; secondly, closure wigs are more convenient and faster to wear, and are a good choice if you don’t change your hairstyle often; thirdly, if your original intention of buying a wig is to cover the receding hairline, a lace front wig would be more suitable.

In short, whatever you like, you should get.


It has to be admitted that the improvement of wigs is making your lives more convenient, and various needs are constantly being met. The innovation of 2x6 and 6x6 lace closure wigs not only saves your installation time and cost but also allows you to get a very natural look.

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