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We all know that finding the right stylist can be a challenge when you have curly hair. Stylists who can cut your curls and not make you look like the dreaded triangle are worth their weight in gold, so once you find one make sure to treat him or her right. All stylists have some pet peeves that they wish they could tell their clients, but since they’re all great at keeping secrets, odds are they won’t. So we are going to let you curly girls in on what your stylist really wants you to know. I used to be a stylist, so I can personally attest to the accuracy of these!

1. Don’t Expect Them to Work Miracles: Don’t expect to get Reese Witherspoon’s straight locks when you’ve got naturally kinky coils. Take some time to understand and educate yourself on your hair type before heading to the salon. Pick a hair model who has curls like yours to achieve the best look.

2. Showing Up Late: Some salons operate on a walk-in basis, but many require appointments. My stylist is usually booked about 2 months out. If you can’t make it to your scheduled appointment, call and reschedule. If you’re going to be more than 5 minutes late, call and let the salon know.

3. Moving Around During the Service: Please, please sit still and move your head as your stylist requests. Moving during a cut or a chemical service can cause your stylist to make a mistake, and you’ll be the one who has to live with it.

4. Make a Decision: It’s ok to ask your stylist their opinion about styling your curls, but please don’t be wishy washy when it comes to your cut and color.

5. Bringing a Group to the Salon: Space in a salon usually comes at a premium, so leave your crew at home. Your stylist won’t have to worry about where to seat them and can focus all of their energies on you.

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