How to care for the virgin human hair weaves


1.Co-wash: Co wash your hair every week or twice a week with moisturizing hair care products so that the hair will keep the moisture in from shampooing and the hair stays clean and soft.

2.Air dry: Always let you hair air dry. If you do blow dry your hair, do it on a cool setting with a round brush and always style right afterward to avoid tangling.

3.heat protectant: Always use a heat protectant whenever you use heat on your hair to avoid breakage and hair getting tangled and matted on hot days.

4.Hold curl: Don’t comb the hair directly when the hair is wet. Use your hand to comb the hair to keep the curls well. you can braid the hair at night.

5.Bleach or dye: If you bleach or dye your hair, always use a neutralizing shampoo to stop chemicals from processing in the hair and use hair mask afterward to put strength back into the hair.

6.Keep Ends Trimmed: Human hair extensions will most likely get split ends. To avoid letting the damage move up the hair shaft, trim the ends every 6-10 weeks. You can do it yourself using salon scissors, or go to a hairstylist.

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