Hair Colors for Spring

The hair colors you need to know for your spring switch-up.

Spring, the season of renewal, is all about new beginnings. Winter weight is melting away, skin is soaking up the Vitamin D (with SPF please!) and hair, so often dull and lifeless after winter, is finally getting its bounce back.

What better way to take advantage of your reinvigorated hair, body and mind but freshening up your color? What better way than switching your hair's hue to make a clean start?

While rainbow, paste large and geode (among many, many hair trends) are at the moment thanks to the virtual stage that is Instagram, more and more celebrities are moving towards more natural looking hair shades, opting for colors that lighten, flatter and accentuate their individual beauty.

So take a look through all these stunning, natural-looking tones and decide which one you should opt for this spring! #hairgoals

Katy Perry's buzz cut wasn't the only thing that grabbed our attention - her stunning platinum dye job was the perfect way to usher in the new season.

Credit Katy Perry/Instagram

The decent of ashy to pale blonde adds a beautiful dimension and lightness to J. Law's new golden locks.

Credit Getty Images

The reigning queen of blondes (in conjunction with Blake Lively, of course) no one does sun-kissed and sensual like Rosie. Take a cue and go for a slightly dirtier, deep blonde for spring.

Credit Getty Images

The perfect in-between, blonde is the shade if you want to lighten your look but keep it totally natural, like the beautiful Lily-Rose Depp.

Credit PA Photos

Ever the siren, Amy Adams demonstrates that ginger biscuit is the color en-vogue. Perfect for those with paler complexions who want to bring warmth to their appearance in spring.

Credit Rex Features

Fancy going bolder? Then look no further than Emma Stone, whose rich copper hue has been ruling the red carpet of late.

Credit Getty Images

The bronzed goddess herself shows us that caramel is the color you need in spring alongside a refreshing, textured cut.

Credit Getty Images

Keep it sleek and keep it shiny, as soon by Queen B herself, who's lightened locks are total #hairgoals.

Credit Getty Images

We are almost too distracted by those stunning (I repeat, stunning!) accessories to notice Emma's subtle new color, upping the warm undertones and reddish hues to take her hair from a deep brown to this beautiful hazel.

Credit Getty Images

We get the feeling Selena isn't about seasonal hair - she is what works for her. And with skin that pale and dewy, she's made the right decision by opting for a strong, chestnut tone to enhance her natural beauty.

Credit Getty Images

We love tonal beauty here at GLAMOUR, so Kerry Washington's chocolate tones complement her glowing, earthy skin to give us bombshell beauty this spring.

Credit Getty Images

Soft Black
Don't want to leave winter totally behind? Then keep it like Kendall, whose softened, black hues transition into the new season with ease.

Credit Getty Images

Au Naturale
You know what the chicest hair is? Your own. So take a cue from Lupita and spend spring as your best self - you.

Credit Getty Images

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