Q: How many bundles will I need for a sew in?
A: This answer depends on 4 things: the size of your head, the type of hair you want to rock, the length you’re going for and where you’d like to be on the scale of natural to full on diva (think SZA or Solange). We recommend a minimum of 3-4 bundles for a full head sew-in. But ultimately, the final decision will depend on four things: the size of your head, the texture of hair you want to rock, the length and the look you’re trying to achieve.  If you’re still unsure, consult with your stylist for an expert recommendation or feel free to contact us via chat, email or on social media.
Q: Can I colour/cut/style my hair?
A: Absolutely! All Sunber hair products are made from 100 percent human hair and can be cut, colored and styled as if it were your own. You can darken it, lighten it, lay it to the side or make it shorter, but remember: just like our own hair, your human hair requires a good maintenance routine to keep it looking fresh and vibrant. Each purchase is accompanied by a set of care and maintenance tips specific to that particular texture.
Q: Can I straighten the curly hair
A: Yes! Sunber Hair products are extremely versatile, but it’s important to remember that just like our hair, frequent use of high heat may permanently loosen the curl pattern.  If straight hair is your preferred style, we suggest trying one of our straight textures styled using bundles (for a full head sew-in) or a wig so that all of your hair is protected.
Q: How long will my hair last?
A: Sunber hair products can last up to a year or more with proper maintenance (we have some customers who have been reusing their Sunber hair hair for more than one years!). Because our hair is 100 percent virgin human hair, it truly does respond to how you care for it.  With constant styling and manipulation, all hair is prone to a little bit of shedding and tangling; as such, we recommend not cutting or sewing through wefts and sealing the wefts before your sew-in install.  For curly textures such as our Deep Wave,Jerry Curly, collections, DIY, U-part, lacefront, full lace wigs and Clip Ins can help extend the durability and life of your hair. These products allow you to remove the hair periodically for washing, conditioning, styling, and other special considerations.  Remember…just like your own hair, curly and textured hair needs lots of moisture, but it does not respond well to products with alcohol or heavy product use. With Klaiyi Hair, there’s no need for hair grease or globs of gel. A simple co-wash regimen will do. If you experience heavy product buildup, you can treat the hair with a clarifying shampoo followed by a deep condition with a moisture rich conditioner. 
Q: Is the hair ready to wear?
A: Each purchase is accompanied by a set of hair care and maintenance tips. We recommend hand washing the hair before use and referring to our care and maintenance tips to keep your Sunber Hair looking fresh and vibrant.
Q: What's the difference between a lace frontal and a 360 frontal?
A: Designed to mimic an entire hairline, frontal are the latest innovation in protective styling. The versatility of frontal are endless. With lace frontal, the ear to ear coverage is perfect for when you don't want to leave any hair out, for those who have thinning edges and those with traction alopecia. 360 frontals provide all around coverage, from front to back. Perfect for high ponytails and updos with our natural textured extensions.
Q: Closures vs. Frontal?
A: Closures and frontals are two different things but they both serve the same purpose-to close off a weave install or a wig. They both eliminate the need of having to leave your natural hair out to blend with the extensions. Lace frontal are bigger and wider; they run ear to ear covering your entire hairline at the front. Lace closures are smaller and they primarily close off the horsehoe or "u-part" portion of an install. Lace frontal are more versatile because they can be parted anywhere ear to ear and lace closures can only be middle or side parted. They can both be sewn on or glued on. Either a frontal or closure will close off your install and make it look more natural
Q: I made my purchase at 3am on a Saturday night! When are you going to process my order?
A: We will process your order within 2 - 4 business days, often sooner. This does not include weekends, holidays, or during sales or special events. Note that our regular office hours are Monday through Friday 10am to 4pm EST, excluding holidays. The first email you will receive is an order confirmation. The second email you'll receive will be your shipping confirmation. Both emails will go to the email address you provided when you created your order.
Q: Do you have any discounts or sales?
A: Yes! Sunber Hair periodically offers special promotions, discounts and/or flash sales. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know! And make sure you’re following us on Instagram sunberhair and Facebook.com/sunberhair so that you’ll never miss a deal announcement.Please note that only one discount code can be used per order. Offers cannot be combined.
Q:What types of payment do you accept?
A: We accept the following payment methods: Credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, PayPal and American Express.
Q: How can I cancel my order?
A: If you decide to cancel your order you can contact our customer service department and they will assist you in doing so.
Q:Dyeing Hair
Sunber will arrive in their natural black/brown hair color and can be dyed any color you’d like.
However, we strongly recommend consulting a professional hair stylist before dyeing or colour-treating your hair
Q:Why did my payment fail?
A:If your payment for an order has failed, please check it is not due to the following situations: Card security code failed Please note that an incorrect card security code could cause payment failure. Card security code is the short numeric code on the back of your credit card. Please verify that you have entered the correct card security code and try again. Insufficient fund If you meet the insufficient fund error log when you make payment by credit card, please make sure that you have sufficient funds in your account and that payment for your order does not exceed your credit limit. Please also make sure you have used a Visa or MasterCard personal credit card to finish payment, because at present debit card or business card is unable to be supported. Exceed limit Please make sure the order amount does not exceed your credit card limit. Or the payment is unable to go through smoothly.
Q:Why my hair extension getting tangled?
A:1) Your hair extension tangle due to dryness, oil & dirt built-up. Salt water, chlorine and not combing (wide tooth comb)out your hair daily.
B:2) Make sure to wash & condition your hair at least once a week, twice a week is better. U se olive oil to moisten it smoothly or consult your stylist for more help.
Q: Can I get my bundles in a different color?
A.Full of Sunber Hair is 100% virgin unprocessed hair and does not have any chemical treatment which includes coloring. The bundles only come in its natural color (off black #1B or dark brown #2).
Q: Q: How can I track my order?
A: Here is how you track your order: Log into MY ACCOUNT to view the status of your order Track your shipment by using the tracking number provided to you once your item(s) have been shipped. You cannot track your order before it has been shipped. If you don’t know what your tracking number is or if you’re having difficulty tracking your package, feel free to contact our customer service department for assistance. Phone Mumber: +8615993671002 Email:Sunber@sunberhair.com

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