How To Choose A Right Wig For Beginners

If it is your first time trying a wig, there are a few things you should consider. First, remember that our goal is to find a wig that boosts your confidence and reflects your beauty. So the following factors like hair quality, color, texture, length, and price are all important before investing in a wig.

For beginners, you might think it is overwhelming to pick a suitable wig but you are not alone since there are tons of people in the world wearing wigs every day. Today let us talk about how to choose the right wig?

Hair quality

As we all know, when we look for a wig online, there are numerous types of wigs in the market with different brands and qualities, ranging from cheap synthetic wigs to expensive human hair wigs. So what is the difference and how to choose?

Synthetic wigs

Some people like synthetic wigs as they cover various colors and textures at a cheap price. But they do not have a long lifespan. If you want to wear wigs for a long time even every day, synthetic wigs are not suggested.

As for the hair quality, synthetic wigs contain a variety of fibers like polyester and acrylics, which means they are essentially plastics. So they have limitations with heat styling, which can not be dyed, straightened, and curled in a free way. Otherwise, they will be easily ruined.

As for the hair texture, they are usually dry, and frizzy and can not give you a natural look. Along with this, they need high maintenance to avoid tangled hair. However, not everyone can invest thousands of dollars into a premium hair wig, but the thing is buying multiple synthetic wigs over time can get pricey too.

Human hair wigs

human hair wig

A human hair wig is made of 100% virgin human hair, which has a good quality of super-soft, no shedding, and blending well with your natural hair.

Moreover, it can be treated as our own natural hair, which can be bleached, dyed, curled, and straightened without worries. If you want a long lifespan of your wig, human hair wigs are the best choice.

At Sunber wig shop, we offer high-quality human hair wigs at an affordable price for you.

In the next video, you will see how sunber burgundy straight hair can help you look dazzling. You can also do a high ponytail or a double twist braid, etc.

Hair Texture

Human hair wigs can be divided into lace front wigs, lace closure wigs, HD lace wigs, V and U part wigs, colored wigs, and glueless wigs. And hair texture includes straight hair, curly hair, body wave hair, and water/deep wave hair.

If you look for a lace front wig with good quality, we recommend 13x4 lace front wig with150 density that has a soft lace and gives hair volume.

If you are tired of using glue, the glueless v part wig can be the best option, easy install, and has a natural look without skin damage.

13x4 lace front wig

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curly wig

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v part wig

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Hair color

Hair color must be the big decision. For the first time, if you are not sure about picking natural black, brown, or colored one, we recommend choosing a shade similar to your natural hair color to avoid a dramatic result.

Skin tone:hair color close to your own skin tone or slightly lighter will brighten your complexion and give you a more youthful look.

Colored wigs

If you want to try something new, then a highlight wig is the best choice you should consider. Colors in highlight wigs are neither exaggerated nor too boring, it’s a perfect balance between dark and light colors, which can be easily customized to match any skin color.

At Sunber wig shop, we also offer affordable highlight human hair wigs for you.

highlight wigs

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colored wigs

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Hair length

Hair length is mainly going to depend on comfort, lifestyle, and personal preference. There are several length options at Sunber Hair.

length of wigs

Short wig: it is helpful to frame the face and lay at the nape of the neck. A good choice for summer.

Medium length wig: the length generally falls around the shoulders.

Long wig: the length past the shoulders and gives you elegant look.

Nowadays, millions of people wear wigs every day, including famous celebrities. If you are a beginner, picking a suitable wig might be difficult, so just take your time and we will stand behind you to give you the best suggestion and choice for your needs.

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