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Buy Now Pay Later With Zip Quadpay In Sunber Hair

We’ll share some questions about Zip Quadpay and help you to find the best hair bundles or wigs to suit your style and your budget.Sunber hair offers the payment method “Buy Now Pay Later”.You can shop online with Sun...

Merry Christmas or Pinkmas? The Most Complete Christmas Party Wigs Ideas

Tag: christmas wig · sunber hair

Are you going to decorate Christmas in the new year with the traditional colors of green, red, and gold, or choose the gentle and bright new popular color pink? Have you ever heard of Merry Pimkmas? How to decorate yo...

For Big Heads, Do Wigs Fit All Head Sizes?

Tag: sunber hair · wigs for big heads

Are you still worried about whether you can wear a wig for the size of your head? In order to let everyone get a comfortable wearing experience, most wigs have S, M, and other attributes for everyone to choose from. Y...

How To Become A Wig Influencer?

Tag: sunber hair · wig influencer

We pay attention to the voice of every customer, and they like to judge the quality of the items by browsing some influential people’s pics or videos before they are going to buy. It is undeniable that almost anyone c...

The Fashion Trend Brought By Barbie Wigs You Don't Know

Tag: barbie wig · sunber hair

Every girl wants to live like a princess. If you are not sure what color or what kind of wig suits you, then a Barbie doll can definitely help you! The fashion trends brought by Barbie wigs are also applicable to our ...

Immersive Experience Sunber's Brand Upgrade in 2022

Tag: brand upgrade · Sunber brand day · sunber hair

In October this year, Sunber will also implement a new website upgrade to provide everyone with a more convenient and comfortable online shopping experience. The brand upgrade is very exciting for all staff, the manag...

How To Place An Order Online?

Tag: order wigs online · sunber hair

In order to help you better understand online shopping and how to make a complete wig order online, this article will use the wig order as an example to introduce.

What’s The Stunning Ginger Wig?

Tag: colored wigs · ginger wig · sunber hair

A variety of warm-toned blonde/ginger wigs and basic black combinations will continue to dominate fall in 2022. Because colored wigs can match girls' makeup and outfits well and can express a person's attitude well, m...

How To Blowout Afro-Textured Hair (4B&4C Hair)?

Tag: hair care · sunber hair · type4 hair

Basically, Afro-Textured hair is referred to coily hair or kinky hair. But it is not all the same based on the different textures, including 4a, 4b, and 4c. Since this type of hair is usually dry and prone to sh...

Is Wearing A Wig Embarrassing? Absolutely Not!!!

Tag: Human Hair Wig · sunber hair

If it is your first time diving into a wig world, we will say congratulation, girls! you are going to explore the fashion and beauty world now. If you ask me whether it is embarrassing to wear a wig, my answer i...

How To Get Rid Of Flyaways On A Wig?

Tag: Human Hair Wig · sunber hair

There are little or many flyaways on your wig when going outside for a while and you become annoying and asks why my wig has flyaways and what should I do to get rid of them?

The Difference Between150%, 180%,200%, and 250% Wig Density

Tag: sunber hair · wig density

Wig density is one of the most essential elements that you should consider when buying a precious human hair wig for the first time. Today let us talk about the differences between 150%, 180%,200%, and 250% wig ...

Get A Free Human Hair Wig At Sunber

Tag: free wigs giveaway · Sunber brand day · sunber hair

Sunber Surprise Big Feedback! In order to better satisfy every girl's pursuit of beauty, Sunber launched a event of buy one get one free. They have solved the problem of choice phobia that most people will have.

How To Choose A Right Wig For Beginners

Tag: Human Hair Wig · sunber hair

If it is your first time trying a wig, there are a few things you should consider. First, remember that our goal is to find a wig that boosts your confidence and reflects your beauty. So the following factors li...

The Top Selling Curly Wig Review At Sunber

Tag: Curly Hair · sunber hair · v part wig

Curly wig indeed increase your hair volume, give you natural-looking and boost your confidence. Recently, a product study at Sunber Hair shows that Jerry curly Hair gains much popularity among our customers. Now le...

How Do Y2K Hairstyles Bring Fashion?

Tag: HD lace wig · Human Hair Wig · sunber hair

As we all know, fashion is cyclical, and after a period of time an element may become a mainstream trend again, and the 20-year rule is also one of the most famous fashion concepts. Combining modern fashion elements a...

Swiss Lace&HD Lace, How To Choose?

Tag: HD lace wig · sunber hair

If it is your first time trying a human hair wig, you might consider the right lace for your wig, except for the various hairstyles, textures, lengths, and sizes. In the current market, there are three different la...

150 Density Wig VS 180, What’s the Best Density for A Wig?

Tag: Human Hair Wig · sunber hair · wig density

Whether you’re a wig newcomer or a wig lover, it is crucial to choose a wig that suits you and is comfortable to wear. When choosing a wig, in addition to the length of the wig and the curling style, the wig density h...

The Best Graduation Gifts At Sunber

Tag: Curly Hair · graduation hair wig · straight hair · sunber hair

In 2022, graduation day is around the corner. We guess most of you guys must be excited on that day. Except for handing in your graduation paper, picking up your cap and gown, and inviting friends to your graduatio...

Glueless Wigs and HD Lace Wigs For Beginners

Tag: HD lace wig · sunber hair · u part wig · v part wig

Recently, Glueless wigs and HD lace wigs are the hot trends for wig lovers. Why they are so popular among them? For beginners, how to choose a suitable wig? If you are a wig lover or beginner, check it below to kno...

The Sleek Ponytail Hairstyles You Need To Know

Tag: hair weave · ponytail with weave · sunber hair

A quick, easy, and classic ponytail hairstyle is also the top choice when you do not have enough time to style your hair on lazy days. But do you know that ponytail hairstyles can be different and versatile? Here are ...