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Buy Now Pay Later With Zip Quadpay In Sunber Hair

We’ll share some questions about Zip Quadpay and help you to find the best hair bundles or wigs to suit your style and your budget.Sunber hair offers the payment method “Buy Now Pay Later”.You can shop online with Sun...

How To Curl A Synthetic Wig Without Hair Damage?

Tag: Curly Hair · Human Hair Wig

For any wig wearers, it is quite normal to style their hair for a gorgeous look every single day. A real human hair wig can be dyed, curled, and straightened without hair damage. But for a synthetic wig, you must hear...

Sweet & Salty Wolf Cut Hair for Girls

Tag: Curly Hair · wolf cut hair

Wolf Cut Hair - A more modern and cool hairstyle is coming! It's neither exaggerated nor stereotyped, it's a fresh hairstyle worth trying for women of every age. Whether you are a little girl who loves punk rock, a gr...

What’s the Best Body Wave Wig?

Tag: body wave · Curly Hair · Human Hair Wig

If you are looking for a medium-length hairstyle, the 18" wig is the perfect choice for you. A length of 18 inches is classified as a medium-length hairstyle and many ladies prefer this wig length as it looks absolute...

The Top Selling Curly Wig Review At Sunber

Tag: Curly Hair · sunber hair · v part wig

Curly wig indeed increase your hair volume, give you natural-looking and boost your confidence. Recently, a product study at Sunber Hair shows that Jerry curly Hair gains much popularity among our customers. Now le...

Straight Wig VS Curly Wig, How to Choose A Better One?

Tag: Curly Hair · straight hair

No matter what the reason for choosing a wig, there are several factors that you must first consider to match your skin tone and makeup, such as the color of the wig, the length of the wig, and the curvature of the wi...

The Best Graduation Gifts At Sunber

Tag: Curly Hair · graduation hair wig · straight hair · sunber hair

In 2022, graduation day is around the corner. We guess most of you guys must be excited on that day. Except for handing in your graduation paper, picking up your cap and gown, and inviting friends to your graduatio...

Romantic Wedding Hairstyles Deserve to Try

Tag: body wave · Curly Hair · wedding hairstyle

However, for brides, it is time to shine on that day. Except for a gorgeous wedding dress, the best wedding hairstyle is a must-have, which can add an elegant and chic vibe for them.

Everything You Wanted To Know About the Will Smith Oscars 2022

Tag: colored wigs · Curly Hair · Human Hair Wig · v part wig

If you want to change your usual shape and style, or cover baldness caused by some reasons, you can choose a wig that suits you and conforms to fashion elements, just like Jada Pinkett Smith wig. And different wig ...

How to Maintain a Wet and Wavy Wig?

Tag: Curly Hair

Do you want to have an eye-catching hairstyle like making your curls amazing and bouncy and keeping the perfect curls all the time whether you’re going to the gym or going to a party? More and more girls will choose f...

Sunber Best Buy Black Friday Pre-sale: Up To 60% Off

Tag: Black Friday · body wave · Curly Hair · Human Hair Wig · lace front wigs · sunber hair

Even though Black Friday is on Nov.25, 2022, most retailers will be kicking off their Black Friday deals earlier.
You’ll discover you can start shopping on Nov.12 in Sunber Hair.

How to take care of your curly hair wig?

Tag: Curly Hair

Do you know how to make your curly hair wig look more natural always? As we all know, there are more people choose curly hair instead of straight hair wigs to enrich their daily life. But you may be always troubled...

Let me tell you some of the most popular hairstyles in early autumn!

Tag: bob · Curly Hair · headband wigs

If the summer heat is the reason that hinders you from going out, wearing charming wigs and shopping for entertainment, then it’s time to choose a beautiful human hair wig for yourself. You can imagine the beauty o...

The secret of hairstyle to making singers stand out!

Tag: bob · Curly Hair · straight hair

A perfect stage not only requires meaningful lyrics, beautiful melody, and singer’s outfit. Of course, the right hairstyle is also one of the most important factors.

How to choose a curly wig that suits you?

Tag: Curly Hair

We should work our hardest to keep up our quality of life in the age of constant progress. However, we must not only work but also choose various activities to relax. Maybe buying a memorable gift, seeing a movie, tra...

3 Tips For Wearing Wigs In Summer & Warm Weather

Tag: Curly Hair · FB30 · headband wigs · lace part wigs · straight hair

With increasing temperature, the summer is coming. If you go out wearing a wig and put on your hair, you will feel hot, sweaty and weighed down, then doubt your life.

Sunber Black Friday Sale 2022

Tag: Black Friday · brazilian hair · Curly Hair · Peruvian hair · sunber hair

It's not yet Black Friday, but that hasn't stopped many top retailers from rolling out holiday deals. Sunber has prepared a Black Friday surprise for his girls in advance like in 2021. It’s undeniable that everyone wi...