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Sunber Black Friday Sale 2019

Black Friday human hair sale 2019 in Sunber hair store is almost started. Thanks to all customers for your support over the past year, the biggest discount in this year for the best quality hair weave and wigs prepared, come and choose proper hair for you. Now, let us check out this preview biggest discount you will enjoy.

* Time: Nov.28th-Dec.2nd

* 20% off all site only 24 hours on Black Friday sale (Code: BF20)
* Partial products enjoy up to 25% off (Code: BF25)

Hot Selling Wigs

Sunber wigs are one of the most popular items of all products. They have high quality with soft, bouncy and shiny without chemical and processing. Besides, they are comfortable to wear with good look.
Meanwhile, there are many hairstyles options: body wave hair, curly wave hair, water wave hair, and straight wave hair which meet your various requirements.
After long-term selling experience, 9a curly lace frontal wigs are the best selling wig products and very popular among black women due to their thick and full characteristics. Some customers told us that they feel more confident using the curly lace wig, that’s a very happy feeling.

Transparent wigs

Transparent lace is the normal lace with transparent color, which can better match our own skin tone than normal middle brown lace generally. Therefore, under the same conditions, the transparent lace wig is always a little more expensive than normal brown lace. You can choose it depending on your needs.

Fake Scalp Lace Cap

Pre-Made Fake Scalp Wig is also called Pre-Made Bald Cap Wig that comes with a fake scalp constructed.It is a new fake scalp method that addresses the stiffness caused by the glue method and makes it reusable with no washing problems.
The hairline is pre-plucked to be natural, the knots are bleached and the elastic band is also pre-sewed for secure and snug glueless wearing. we do not need to wear and glue a stocking cap inside the wig and still can get the same effect. This is the ultimate wig that you can put on the head and step out the door. Welcome to try this new coming attractive product!

Popular Hair Weft and Closure/Frontal

* 22% off during Black Friday Sale for bundles with closure collection (Code: BF22)

Sometimes, you may want to make wigs by yourself generally, it needs 3/4 bundles. To make it looks more natural and fuller, 3 bundles with a closure/frontal or 4 bundles with a closure/frontal all are good recommends. It depends a lot on the texture and length of the hair. Generally, the sleeker and longer size hair, the more bundles will be needed to make it fuller and thicker, like straight hair with size more than 18inch. What’s more, it ultimately depends on your preference, lol...
By the way, new arrivals 5*5/6*6/7*7/13*6 transparent lace closure are becoming a new popular trend, I bet you certainly love it.
Besides, we provide more wonderful choices, like TL27, T1b/4/27, 613 and more other colored hair. Besides, many different types of bob wigs are of also great concern. In a word, there is always one or more you want in Sunber hair store. Now, start your happy shopping trip with the biggest discount in 2019.

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